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ACTNews, WEST LOMBOK – Easy and convenient. Such was Nindi Aulia Zahari’s first impression when she shopped at the Waqf Shop in Al-Muahhidin Islamic Boarding School in Lelede Village, Kediri Sub-District, West Lombok. She was one of the students of the Islamic High School. According to Zahari, the Waqf Shop facilitates her and her friends to fulfill their basic needs in the boarding school.

“We live in the boarding house. To fulfill our needs, sometimes we shop and the student cooperative. Unfortunately, there are several basic needs that are unavailable there,” said Zahari when visiting the Waqf Shop on Thursday (11/29).

She added that the Waqf Shop has facilitated her to buy her daily needs without having to get out of the boarding school area. Not everyone is allowed to get out easily. Furthermore, Zahari mentioned that the Waqf Shop is unique because it runs on the principle of mudarabah (Profit and Loss Sharing). The waqf capital by which the shop is funded will bring blessings to the shop.

“I read the tagline: Our Shopping, Our Waqf. Initially, I did not understand what it means, but then my teacher explained it,” said the gorl from Kahuripan, West Lombok.

Zahari was even more excited to shop upon knowing that the revenue of this shop will be used for the development of her school as well as to build more Waqf Shops. She was also pleased with the cheap prices of the items sold in the Waqf Shop.

“Every time our parents visit us, they bring groceries like rice, cooking oil and noodles. Now they, too, can just shop here. It will bring more blessings,” added Zahari.

Similar excitement was also expressed by the head of the foundation, Rukyah Rahayu, when she shopped at the Waqf Shop. With this shop, parents can buy groceries for their children. “Insha Allah, by shopping here, it will bring blessings because we donate for waqf as we shop,” she said.

According to Rahayu, the Waqf Shop will not compete with the existing student cooperative because the cooperative sells mostly school supplies. The Waqf Shop provides groceries and other basic needs for the students. Not only to the students, the Waqf Shop will also bring immense benefits to the locals around the Islamic boarding school.

“This area is a tourism place. Some of the locals sell potteries. The Waqf Shop will not compete with their shops. Instead, it will facilitate them to buy basic needs and doing acts of charity at the same time,” she concluded.

Rahayu hoped that the Waqf Shop will continue developing. She believes that the productive waqf, the goal of improving the community’s welfare can be reached. []