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ACTNews, LOMBOK – Global Wakaf’s efforts to improve the economy of the earthquake-affected people of Lombok continue as a proof of Global Wakaf’s commitment to contribute to the welfare of the society. One of Global Wakaf’s best programs is the Waqf Retail Stores. On Wednesday (12/4), the second Waqf Retail Store was officially launched in Hamzanwadi Islamic Educational Foundation in Pancor, East Lombok. The existence of the Waqf Retail Store was warmly welcomed by the foundation that is currently under the supervision of Tuan Guru Haji Zainul Majdi, commonly known also as Tuan Guru Bajang.

The opening ceremony of the Waqf Retail Store, named Nadha Mart, was attended by The Head of Hamzanwadi Foundation H. Samsul Lutfi, Global Wakaf – ACT West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Branch Manager Lalu Muhammad Alfian and a number of the members of the Islamic foundation. H. Samsul Lutfi mentioned that the Retail Store Waqf is an excellent innovation for the development of Islamic community. If da’wah (calling to Islam) is simply done by sermons and education, the Muslims will be difficult to develop. “It will be excellent if we are both religiously and economically strong,” he said.  

Economic strength is one of the main aspects to support the awakening of the Muslim Community. Lutfi further mentioned how the productive waqf of Caliph Uthman bin Affan has brought immense benefits across centuries.

Lutfi added that the productive waqf initiated by Uthman through the waqf well of Rouma is an excellent example for Muslims of today. Not only Caliph Uthman, other Companions of Prophet Muhammad also initiated numerous kinds of waqf, from date plantation to educational facilities.

He added that if only the Muslims are encouraged to participate in more waqf endowments, he is sure that the Muslims will be economically strong. “This Waqf Retail Store is a solution how everyone can participate in waqf endowment. Not only shop, we can also donate for waqf endowment that will benefit us in the hereafter,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lalu Muhammad Alfian stated that the Waqf Retail Store takes its inspiration from the productive waqf of the Prophet’s Companions.

“What was told by the head of the foundation was correct. This productive waqf is different from other forms of waqf. This waqf is continuously developing, involving not only the administrators but also the surrounding communities in contributing to this productive waqf,” said Alfian in his speech.

To date, there have been two units of Waqf Retail Stores out of six designated locations. Alfian hoped that, in the future, more Waqf Retail Stores can be built to make them more accessible to the people.

“This retail is quite big. We have also Waqf Shops which were managed in the same way as the Waqf Retail Store. The only different is that Waqf Shops are smaller. We aim to set up 100 Waqf Shops throughout Lombok,” he added.

With this form of productive waqf, hopefully the economy of the Muslim community can be improved because this kind of waqf involves not only Global Wakaf but also local communities who shop in this Waqf Retail Store. []