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ACTNews, GUNUNGKIDUL – Global Wakaf’s efforts to alleviate water crisis that affects Gunungkidul each year continue. Though rainy season has come and many water wells have been filled, Global Wakaf continues building more waqf-wells in areas affected by water crisis.

To mark the beginning of 2019, Global Wakaf – ACT Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) began the construction of Waqf Well in Bangkan Hamlet in Jatiayu Village, Karangmojo Sub-District, Gunungkidul, on Wednesday (1/2). “This well becomes the 17th well to be built in DIY. This well will supply water for the local residents as well as to irrigate nearby farmlands. It will also serve as the water source for the newly-built Al-Hidayah Mosque,” stated Kharis Pradana, Program Coordinator of Global Wakaf – ACT DIY.

During dry season, water sources in Bangkan Hamlet dry. Agus Wibowo, the head of Bangkan Hamlet, stated that, in 2018, most wells in the hamlet dried, forcing the locals to seek water in the neighboring which has a borehole water well.

“Once the locals had to buy water from a water truck. One day, on the way here, the truck slipped due to the steep road. Since then, we no longer buy water from water trucks,” said Wibowo.

The well began its construction on Wednesday (1/2) and it is slated to finish in a week with a depth of approximately 70 meters. Pradana added that his team would need another week to install the water pumps, water storage, and the piping to Al-Hidayah mosque and to the houses of Bangkan residents.

“In 2019, Global Wakaf – ACT DIY plans to build 20 waqf wells in areas that are prone to water crisis, and we seek to empower the villages where waqf wells are built,” explained Pradana.

Risdi, a caretaker of Al-Hidayah Mosque, expressed his gratefulness for the construction of the waqf well to supply water for the mosque. “People are very much helped with the construction of the well near the mosque. Previously, we had to take water from one of the locals’ well because we did not have our own water well,” he said. []