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ACTNews, TANGERANG – In line with Global Wakaf’s goal to improve the ummah’s economic welfare through waqf, more Waqf Shops have been built in many Indonesian regions, including in Jakarta’s satellite cities. On December 28 2018, a Waqf Shop built beside Al-Munawarah mosque in Sarana Indah Permai housing complex in South Tangerang was launched.

The launching of the Waqf Shop was enthusiastically welcomed by the surrounding communities, including congregation of Al-Munawarah mosque. Ustaz Untung, the chairman of Salamaten Al-Munawarah Indah (SAI) Foundation that administers the mosque stated that the Waqf Shop is useful for the congregation to shop to fulfill their needs.

“I hope that the Waqf Shop will be a center for the locals to shop to optimize Muslim-owned products and to become a solution to support existing shops instead of competing with them. Hence, the improvement of the ummah’s economy can be hastened,” said Untung.  

The Waqf Shop does not come to eradicate nor compete with existing smaller local shops. Instead, they can also obtain their goods from the Waqf Shop for cheap prices.

Mohammad Jakfar of Global Wakaf team explained that the Waqf Shops also aim to educate the society about the importance of waqf for the development of the ummah’s economy. It also serves to familiarize waqf donations through shopping in the Waqf Shop.

“This is a way to change the misunderstanding in many people’s minds that to donate for waqf, one has to donate a large amount of wealth. In fact, even a small amount of wealth can be used for waqf. Through the waqf shop, it is not too difficult for the common people to donate for waqf. This will stimulate waqf culture in our society,” said Jakfar.

He explained that most of the revenue of the waqf shop will be given to Al-Munawarah Mosque to be used to support its social activities, such as supporting the education of the underprivileged members of the community.

“The mosque administrators continue improving Al-Munawarah Mosque, both in its physical buildings and in its social and religious activities. The mosque has been actively holding various programs and initiatives on daily, monthly and annual basis, including Islamic classes, archery, mosque-based enterprises, mass circumcision, empowerment programs for the poor, as well as IT center,” added Jakfar.

A portion of the revenue, Jakfar added, will be used to build more Waqf Shops in other areas so that this waqf-based enterprise can be initiated in all areas in Indonesia. “Hopefully, the goal to improve the Ummah’s economy can be reached,” he concluded. []