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ACTNews, BANDUNG – Responding to the disasters that hit Banten and Sukabumi, West Java, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) West Java began an initiative to give the best aid for the disaster victims. In a week, ACT West Java collected aid in collaboration with Himpunan Pedagang Pasar Baru (HP2B/Association of Pasar Baru Sellers).

“Alhamdulillah, in a week we had collected aid. At the moment we have four trucks that contain aid packages that consists of groceries, clothes, baby supplies, tents, etc. Insha Allah, this is just the first batch,” said Renno I. Mahmoedin, ACT West Java Branch Manager, Monday (1/7).

The four aid trucks were officially dispatched by ACT and HP2B on the front yard of Pasar Baru Shopping Center on Jalan Otto Iskandardinata no. 70, Bandung, on Monday (1/7). The trucks will be sent to two different destinations. Three trucks will be sent to ACT Main Post in Banten in Labuan Sub-District, Pandeglang. One truck will be sent to ACT Post in Solok Sub-District, Sukabumi.

“The trucks are estimated to arrive tonight. Hopefully there will be nothing that will hamper the journey of the trucks to their destinations, so that the aid will be received by the disaster victims immediately,” said Mahmoeddin.

Iwan Suherman, Chairman of HP2B, stated in his speech that, in a week, they had raised IDR 15 million and dozens of new clothes and shoes. Suherman added that he planned to collect more aid in the next week, hoping that more sellers in Pasar Baru Shopping Center will participate.

“There are currently 5,200 sellers in Pasar Baru. We haven’t been able to reach all of them,” said Suherman.

Due to the massive impact of the Sunda Strait tsunami and Sukabumi Landslide, massive efforts to alleviate the victims’ suffering have been initiated. Over 400 were killed by the Sunda Strait tsunami, and thousands were displaced. In Sukabumi, dozens of houses were buried and 32 families, around 102 people, were affected by the landslide.

Therefore, ACT West Java, through the campaign #UnitedInTheFaceOfDisaster invites all the people of Indonesia, especially in West Java, to participate in helping the disaster victims during the emergency phase and post-disaster recovery phase. Mahmoeddin added that ACT West Java welcomes noncash donations such as medicines, prepared food, clean water, blankets, mattresses, tents or tarpaulins, hygiene kits and electric generators for the disaster victims.

“As for the recovery phase, ACT plans to build shelters for the survivors of Sunda Strait tsunami. We hope that many people of West Java will participate in the post-disaster recovery efforts too,” concluded Mahmoeddin. []