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ACTNews, RIAU – Water is one of human beings’ most vital needs to keep us hydrated, but what would happen if the only water available is murky and polluted? Such was the case in Sekeledi Village in Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau. In the village located near the upstream side of Rokan River, the soil is peaty, and the water is murky and smells unpleasant.

Because water from the river can no longer be used for drinking and cooking due to its pollution, the villagers relied on rain water. They often had to take water from the hills or buy it from water sellers. “We had no other choice but to buy water. One jerry can of clean water costs IDR 2,000 and one drum of water costs IDR 10,000,” explained Zulhairi, a local villager.

Seeing this condition, Global Wakaf team dug a Waqf Well to solve the water crisis that affected the village. Before digging the well, the team held a meeting with the locals in late December 2018 and proceeded with the construction of the sanitary facilities on Wednesday (1/2).

Wahyu Fitra Suryanda of Global Wakaf team explained that the construction of the well itself will begin on Saturday (1/12). “Insha Allah, we will start digging the well near Al-Iman Mosque. Hopefully the digging will go smoothly,” said Suryanda.

Al-Iman Mosque was chosen as the location for the well because it is located close to the main road and the center of Sekeladi Village, making it very much easier for the locals to reach the well. The construction of the Waqf Well is Global Wakaf’s effort to help solving the water crisis in the village.

“With this Waqf Well, the money they use to buy water can be used for other more essential needs,” added Suryanda.

The mosque boards, along with the locals, have agreed to pay for the water distribution expense. As for the operational expense, it will be taken from the mosque’s donation box.

“Alhamdulillah, Global Wakaf has initiated a program that brings solution and long term benefits and blessings for the society with the support of the local villagers,” concluded Suryanda.

With the cooperation between Sekeladi Villagers and Global Wakaf through the Waqf Well program, Insha Allah the water crisis can be solved. []