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 ACTNews, CENTRAL LOMBOK – For four years, Lalu Muhammad Amin has been suffering from Mandibular Tumor on his jaw. Initially, Amin, a resident of Sintung Village, Pringgarata Sub-District, Central Lombok, thought that it was just a thrush. At that time, he was working in Malaysia. His condition deteriorated, making him unable to continue working abroad.

 The tumor on the right side of his jaw has grown to the size of a soccer ball. He can no longer do his daily activities normally. It is now difficult for him to eat because his tumor has blocked his mouth. “It often hurts,” he said.

Amin was medically treated for the first time in 2014 in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Regional General Hospital in Mataram using the BPJS health insurance. Unfortunately, during this four years, he rarely got his health checked, let alone have the tumor removed. Amin, a father of one who works as a farm laborer, lives far away from the hospital. He had to spend transport expense every time he went to the hospital.  

Since before Ramadan 2018, Aksi Cepat Tanggap NTB’s Mobile Social Rescue team has started the initiative to give Amin medical assistance. After being referred to Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar, Bali, by NTB General Regional Hospital, Amin is now ready to undergo his tumor removal surgery.

Romi of MSR – ACT NTB team stated that if Amin is ready and healthy enough, the surgery will be done on Monday (1/14). “We brought Amin to Denpasar on Sunday (1/6) to prepare him for his tumor removal surgery,” said Romi, Thursday (10/1).

Amin’s family is among poor families in Central Lombok. After his return from Malaysia, Amin has been an oddjobber. During harvest season, he and his wife work as farm laborers where they are paid with rice. Other times, he works as a construction worker despite his growing and painful tumor.

Now, Amin is ready to undergo tumor removal surgery to improve his health. MSR-ACT team has begun a fundraising since July 2018 that has raised IDR 200 million for his surgery.

“Now, Amin is being treated in Sanglah Hospital to normalize his hemoglobin before the surgery while waiting for the availability of the jaw plate in the hospital. Please pray that the surgery will go smoothly,” Romi concluded. []