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ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – Wearing white and green T-Shirt with Warung Wakaf logo printed on it, Adit warmly greeted every customer that visited Warung Wakaf. Every transaction was conducted neatly and quickly. With every transaction, he also informed the customer about waqf. He is the cashier in the Waqf Shop located in Al-Islah Integrated Islamic Junior High School in Dit Bekang, Cibinong, Bogor.

“I feel lucky for being able to work in this Waqf Shop. It has given me a job opportunity so I am no longer unemployed. Hopefully, The Waqf Shop programs will develop and open more branches in Indonesia to help the young, unemployed people,” said the 18-year-old man to Global Wakaf team.  

Adit has been working in the Waqf Shop in Al-Islah since its first launching on Monday (1/7). He felt happy to be able to be working there because the Waqf Shop has greatly helped the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods that consist mainly of people from lower-middle class.

“The Waqf Shop means so much for the people from lower-middle class because it helps them reduce their shopping expense. The prices at the Waqf Shop are cheaper than those in other convenient stores,” Adit continued.

This is confirmed by Sribanon (13) and Putra Ramadhan (13), students of Al-Islah Junior High School who shopped there. They said that the Waqf Shop has facilitated them to shop for their basic needs. “We no longer have to go across the road to buy things. They have various snacks here, and they also have medicines that are useful during emergency situation,” said Sribanon.

They added that the Waqf Shop is quite different than other shops. “In other shops, sometimes we can’t find the snacks we want to buy. But here, all snacks are available and the prices are cheap too. We can save some money,” said Ramadhan.

Mohammad Jakfar of Global Wakaf team stated that one of the reasons whiy Waqf Shops is built near schools is to fulfill the needs of the students for cheap prices using the modern convenient store system. Apart from that, Jakfar added, the Waqf Shop aims to educate the students about waqf.

“With the tagline Our Shopping, Our Waqf, the Waqf Shop aims to educate the wider society, especially the students, to shop and donate for waqf at the same time. Through the Waqf Shop, the students are informed about doing charity through shopping from early age,” explained Jakfar.

He further mentioned that, at the moment, Waqf Shops have been opened in Jakarta, Nogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, as well as Lombok. “Insha Allah, we will continue expanding our reach to other Indonesian regions,” he concluded. []