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ACTNews, MAGELANG – Despite his old age and his gray hair, Tohadi (66) is still able to work hard. During the day, he works as a construction worker. At night, he spends time teaching the Quran to the children. He never feels too exhausted, for his heart is filled with happiness and a strong motivation to do good.

His happiness became even more abundant when Global Wakaf constructed a Waqf Well right beside the mosque where he teaches. The clean water flowing from the well brings benefits to the worshippers in As-Salam Mosque. The water is used for wudu and drinking by the villagers. Additionally, Global Wakaf also built a wudu facility for the worshippers.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you very much to Global Wakaf for constructing a Waqf Well in our village,” Tohadi said gratefully.

He stated that prior to the construction of the well, the residents of Kamal Hamlet in Manoreh Village were hardly able to get clean water. The water crisis affects the lives of the villagers, especially during dry season.

“During dry season from August to September, water wells dry up. The locals used to dig small wells near the river. Some used water pumps or jerry cans to bring water to their houses. The water was used for daily needs like laundry, cooking, etc.,” said Tohadi.

The water they brought home from these small wells was not that much because the river also dries up during the dry season. Now, it is no longer difficult for the villagers to get clean water. All they have to do is go to the Waqf Well near As-Salam Mosque.

“The villagers were very much helped by the Waqf Well. I thank ACT and team for the well. Hopefully, the program can continue to develop to help those in need. May the people of Indonesia, especially residents of Kamal Hamlet, become successful,” said Sucipto, a resident of Kamal Hamlet.

Giyanto, head of program department of Global Wakaf Central Java, explained that the construction of the waqf wells focuses on areas affected by water crisis. In the future, Global Wakaf will reach more areas to build the Waqf Wells.

“This program is one of Global Wakaf’s national program. We know that water is an essential need for human beings, not only for drinking but also for other needs. Alhamdulillah, this program has reached many provinces, municipalities and regencies across Indonesia. May Allah make our best efforts easy,” concluded Giyanto. []