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ACTNews, LOMBOK - After the earthquakes in Lombok on July 29, 2018, Global Wakaf immediately dug a waqf well in Akar-Akar VIllage in Bayan Sub-District, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Now, the well is almost finished and ready to be launched as it is still being painted.  

“Actually, there is another borehole water well. The water is quite clean too, but it’s too far away for the villagers here to get the water there. It’s two kilometer-away. It becomes even too difficult after the earthquake damaged so many facilities,” said Romi Saifuddin, Program Coordinator of Global Wakaf West Nusa Tenggara, Monday (4/30).

Saifuddin said that the earthquake in Bayan was quite severe because the epicenter was located in this sub-district. Even to this day, some of the houses are still being rebuilt after the earthquakes. Some are even still living in temporary shelters.

There is also another problem that caused the water crisis in the village. Saifuddin stated that, even since before the earthquake, the water condition in Akar-Akar Village was not suitable for drinking and cooking.

“There is plenty of water here, but it tastes very brackish because the village is located close to the beach. It isn’t suitable for drinking and cooking. They usually buy three jerry cans of fresh water for drinking and cooking for each family for a day,” said Saifuddin.

The Waqf Well has made it easier for the villagers to access clean water. Therefore, the Akar-Akar Villagers are very grateful for the Waqf Well.

“As the Ramadan comes near, they are very grateful for the Waqf Well in this village, because it is now very easy to get clean water for them to drink and cook,” said Saifuddin. []